Reporting PAYS Data

To help get started, we've created a PAYS How-to Guide and Workbook, along with other supplemental materials that will assist you with understanding and utilizing PAYS data. Want to learn more about how to process your PAYS report? Check out the PAYS Guide and Workbook below!


PAYS Guide and How-To-Workbook 

The PAYS Guide was designed to help you and your team to get the most out of your PAYS data. In each module, you will find: 

  • An extensive library of worksheets 
  • Report examples/templates 
  • Other supporting resources that will assist with successful PAYS analysis and planning. 
  • The Workbook is linked here

For more information about the PAYS Guide, Check out our YouTube Playlist with short instructional videos here! 


PAYS Data Presentation Resources: PowerPoint and Other Presentation Materials

Below are valuable PowerPoint and other presentation materials that will assist in understanding PAYS, the value of PAYS Data and more.  This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available for use and dissemination. 

Data Highlight Report Template and Example 

This report is used to: 

  • Explore youth behavior trends  
  • Discussing the importance of this data for understanding youth outcomes.  
  • Pinpointing specific risk and protective factor strengths and challenges! 


Focusing on Youth Development Report Example and Template 

This report is used to: 

  • Showcase a cohort trend analysis of your youth 
  • Focus on statistically significant protective factors 
  • Highlight trends and discover possible or probable explanations for these and ways to impact the trend.
  • This is an excellent tool for a birds-eye view of how your youth navigate through adolescence. 


Utilizing PAYS Prevention Priorities to Examine Community Health Report Example and Template 

This report is used to: 

  • Showcase risk and protective factors and their related youth behaviors perceptions, and attitudes 
  • Create visually interesting sliding scale graphics and tables, show the "healthiness" of your youth as reported by the PAYS. 


For more guidance, here is a curated video library of general presentation creation resources