Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP™)

SPEP™ is part of Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy.

Dr. Mark Lipsey, from Vanderbilt University developed the SPEP™ from his meta-analysis of what works to reduce delinquency within juveniles. Assessments are based on service type, quality of service delivery, amount of service, and youth level of risk to determine the service’s predictive impact on recidivism reduction.  Dr. Gabrielle Chapman, from Vanderbilt University provides oversight for all training and implementation of the SPEP™ in Pennsylvania.  

SPEP™ implementation in Pennsylvania is a partnership between EPIS SPEP™ Implementation Specialists, local juvenile probation departments, and service providers. Each service assessed receives a feedback report with recommendations to better align the service to the research findings. A performance improvement plan is developed based on the recommendations and progress is reviewed quarterly until the goals are achieved. Upon completion of the goals, the service is reassessed and the process repeated.  EPIS has two Level 3 Master SPEP™ Trainers who oversee the training of juvenile probation officers.

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The SPEP™ Lifecycle

The Standard Program Evaluation Protocol Lifecycle image represents a process of assessing locally-developed and research-based services regarding service type, probation/court usage, provider delivery in stages of preparation, interviews with providers, data collection, feedback reports, creating performance improvement plan, reassessment