PCCD Funding & Grantee Resources

  • How to learn about PCCD funding opportunities:
    • PCCD’s Website provides information about all of their initiatives including a way to sign up for funding announcement notifications.
  • How to apply for a PCCD grant:
    • STEP ONE: Be sure to read the whole funding announcement before you begin writing. 
    • STEP TWO: Read the Readiness Tool, Frequently Asked Questions, Eligible Expenses, and other EPIS resources for the program you are proposing to implement. 
      • The resources referenced above for Writing Program Proposals can be found on the link below (Be sure to check that the program is listed as eligible in the funding announcement)
    • STEP THREE: Brush up on your implementation planning and grant writing skills using the resources below.
  • How to manage a PCCD grant: Links to training materials and resources to help manage a PCCD grant.