SPEP™ Assessment Results: Next Steps

Following the administration of the SPEP™ Assessment, the Performance Improvement Team will meet to review the findings and recommendations in the Feedback Report.

Feedback Report Review Meeting

This meeting is scheduled to occur upon completion of the SPEP™ Interview(s) and the examination of Amount of Service and Risk Level of Youth in the cohort. This meeting will include:

  • Presentation and discussion of the SPEP™ Feedback Report and recommendations for performance improvement
  • Overview of Performance Improvement Concepts
  • Overview of the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Timeframes and Protocols
  • Guidelines for developing the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan
  • Establishing a date for completion of the initial draft of the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan. This draft must be developed within 30 days of the Feedback Report Meeting
  • The Performance Improvement Team will meet on or about 30 days following the presentation of the SPEP™ Feedback Report.

Performance Improvement Plan

Juvenile probation and service providers will use resources provided to them when drafting their SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan. You can access the Performance Improvement Plan Guide and Template in the following links:

SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plans should include the following items:

  • Basic program information – It should include the name of the provider, the service, location, juvenile probation partners and the date.
  • Recommendations from SPEP™ Feedback Report 
  • Goal Area –This entails a statement articulating the goal(s) the Performance Improvement Team has decided to work on. Goals should be responsive to
  • recommendations in the Feedback Report
  • Action Steps – These are defined action steps necessary to complete a particular goal. 
  • Person(s) Responsible – The person(s) responsible for a particular action step. 
  • Target Date and Date of Completion – Estimated times for the completion for a particular action step and the actual date of completion.
  • Goal Progress Updates – Approximately every three months, a written narrative summary of progress toward the completion of each goal. These summaries should provide the basis for the discussion of progress during each of the Progress Update Meetings/Calls. These timeframes are approximations and are flexible in order to meet the needs of the service provider and juvenile probation personnel involved.

Performance Improvement Plan Finalization Meeting or Conference Call

The purpose of this meeting or call is to review and finalize the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan. The SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan will be reviewed by the Performance Improvement Team to ensure that there is agreement on improvement objectives.

Upon agreement, Progress Update Meetings/Calls will be initiated. Ideally, these meetings or calls will occur approximately every three months following the finalization of the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan for a minimum of one year, if necessary. The purpose of the Progress Update Meetings/Calls is two-fold: (1.) assess progress toward the completion of the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan and (2.) provide a formal opportunity for technical assistance, if needed.

Accessing Technical Assistance

Assistance with the performance improvement plan can be accessed at any point in the SPEP™ process through EPIS as well as others with expertise in continuous quality improvement. Progress Update Meetings/Calls can be used to identify and develop resources, assist with the facilitation of collaborative relationships between service providers and juvenile probation departments. 

The Progress Update Meetings /Calls will continue until the SPEP™ Performance Improvement Plan is fully implemented. Upon completion of the Plan, the Performance Improvement Team will develop preliminary plans for the SPEP™ Reassessment of that service and/or SPEP™ of another service.

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