Cross Systems Prevention Network

With broad representation from state-level policy makers, county leadership, local human services providers and coalitions, the Cross Systems’ Prevention Network (CSPN) is exploring the need for a cross-agency, comprehensive, strategic prevention plan focused on preventing and reducing youth problem behaviors.

The CSPW will develop recommendations for the use of system-focused, proven-effective prevention strategies with the goals of:

  1. ensuring the effectiveness of prevention across the continuum of strategies
  2. increasing sustainable funding resources for Commonwealth prevention initiatives
  3. ensuring the stewardship of taxpayer dollars

Statewide Youth Behavioral Health Risk and Protective Factor Assessment

CSPN put together a Statewide Risk and Protective Factor Assessment, access it HERE.

This webinar discussed the importance of Prevention taking a closer look at the history of early, upstream prevention in Pennsylvania, how investing can save resources, informing Prevention with the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS), where prevention is going in 2022, and more. Access the presentation slides HERE.

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