In what ways can I involve my local collaborative board for STRENGTHENING FAMILIES PROGRAM FOR PARENTS AND YOUTH 10-14 (SFP 10-14)?

Local collaborative boards, such as Communities That Care, can play an important role in program development and sustainability. The following steps are helpful:

At start-up, present the theory and research behind SFP 10-14, an SFP 10-14 fact sheet, and the SFP 10-14 logic model to the board. Provide ongoing program outcome reports (at least annually).

  • Help them to understand the ways in which they can contribute to the program’s local success, such providing space for program delivery, and donating incentives and family meals.
  • Solicit their help in marketing the program with their agency newsletters or websites.
  • Encourage the board in identifying potential program champions, thus fostering supportive relationships that will aid in the recruitment of families.
  • Identify board members to become engaged in generating outcome reports and securing sustainability funds.
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