What are some common barriers I might encounter with the LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program?

  • Teacher’s buy-in and lack of administrative support are two issues that can be common with LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program implementation.  It is important to pre-plan with the Director of Curriculum or other school district administrators to ensure their crucial support. Teachers identified to deliver LST to their students should also be included in the pre-planning of implementation.  
  • The LifeSkills Training curriculum aligns to educational core standards.  You may find additional information here:  https://www.lifeskillstraining.com/?s=education+standards 
  • Pre-planning for scheduling and embedding the LST Middle School Program into school curriculum is crucial for success.  The LST Middle School Program should not be taught in place of Physical Education and should be taught in a classroom environment.
  • Careful planning of the data collection process for the pre- and post-surveys needs to be addressed as part of the grant planning process.  Each student will need to complete a pre- and post-survey for the LST Middle School Program.  A data collection coordinator should be appointed to make sure all of the surveys are completed, collected, analyzed, and an outcomes report is compiled especially when implementing in multiple schools.
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