What LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program costs should I budget for?

LST Middle School Program Full Curriculum Set for each teacher/provider

  • Level 1:  Curriculum Set
    • 1 Teacher’s Manual, 30 Student Guides
    • Smoking and Biofeedback DVD
    • Stress Management Techniques CD
  • Level 2:  Curriculum Set
    • 1 Teacher’s Manual and 30 Student Guides
    • Smoking and Biofeedback DVD
    • Stress Management Techniques CD
  • Level 3:  Curriculum Set
    • 1 Teacher’s Manual and 30 Student Guides
    • Stress Management Techniques CD
  • LST Middle School Program Student workbooks for each student
    • Level 1:  Student Guide 10 pack
    • Level 2:  Student Guide 10 pack
    • Level 3:  Student Guide 10 pack


Go to https://www.lifeskillstraining.com/lifeskills-training-middle-school-products/ for the most current and up to date costs. 


  • Initial LST Middle School Program training for all teachers/providers- This cost will vary in relation to the training method you choose.  Please see Questions 6 & 7 for more information.


  • Annual follow up or technical assistance for all teachers/providers implementing the LST Middle School Program –Please contact NHPA 1-800-293-4969 or lstinfo@nhpamail.com for current follow up/technical assistance rates.


  • LST Agency Trainer for your site- In order to promote sustainability, it is recommended that teachers(s)/facilitators complete the Training of Trainers for the LST Middle School Program.  This person(s) would be available to train new teachers/facilitators and provide booster trainings thereby reducing future training costs.  Please contact National Health Promotion Associates, 1-800-293-4969 or lstinfo@nhpamail.com for current costs for participating in the LST TOT training. 


  • Scanning Software-Purchasing scanning software to ease the data collection process when serving large numbers of children/youth for a school-based implementation, is an allowable expense.  To access  information and a free webinar, visit the following link: http://www.gravic.com/remark/.  Further questions can be directed to the EPISCenter at 814-863-2568.  Scanning software specifications are listed below:
    • Remark Office OMR
      • Compatible with copiers/scanners
    • Remark Office Classic
      • Compatible to be used with Scan Tron machines.

* Many of the EPISCenter pre/post surveys are available in a "fill in the bubble” format.


  • Verification of program fidelity by developer or designee.   PCCD funded sites are required to have the implementation quality of their program verified by the developer or designee in Year Two of funding.  At this time, please contact the EPISCenter LST Implementation Specialist to discuss the process and the needs of your site/school, as this will vary between implementations. 


  • Funding to hire a local evaluator at the site’s discretion.  The EPISCenter provides funded sites with a spreadsheet for calculation of measures for reporting outcomes to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.  Sites may consider identifying an evaluator for additional evaluation services, if desired.  These additional evaluations will not replace the EPISCenter’s data tool, however.   


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