What kind of training is needed for the LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program?

An overview for the initial core training for the LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program is listed below.   Refer to the LST website link:  https://www.lifeskillstraining.com/training-overview/ for more specific information about additional training options.  Contact National Health Promotion Associates, 1-800-293-4969 or via email at lstinfo@nhpamail.com for specific information regarding training.

Core Training Workshop (in-person)
This 1-2-day training is designed for individuals preparing to implement the LifeSkills Training Middle School Program.  This training provides participants with the opportunity to practice teaching strategies using lessons from the curriculum. (Offered on-site or open trainings throughout the country).  This training is designed to train a maximum of 20 people.

Pennsylvania Training:  EPIS works to connect sites who are interested in hosting training workshops in PA to reduce costs.  Please contact EPIS at 814-863-2568 or epis@psu.edu to see if there is already a scheduled training being hosted in PA that would fit your needs.

Online Training Workshops

While online training is flexible and convenient, it is not recommended as the optimal way to train your LST facilitators, particularly for grant funding.  Please contact EPIS to discuss your site’s options and considerations for training modalities.

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