What kind of outcomes can be expected from the LST Middle School Program?

In clinical studies*, the Botvin LifeSkills Training Middle School Program has been shown to:

  • Cut tobacco use by 87% 
  • Cut alcohol use by 60%
  • Cut marijuana use by 75%
  • Cut methamphetamine use by 68%
  • Cut polydrug use by 66%
  • Reduce Pack-a-Day Smoking by 25%
  • Decrease Use of Inhalants, Narcotics and Hallucinogens
  • Reduces Violence
  • Reduces risky driving behavior
  • Demonstrates Effects on HIV Risk Behavior

*Follow up results from five studies published in peer-reviewed journals, comparing students randomly assigned to receive the LST Middle School Program to students assigned to not receive the LST Middle School Program. 

Information and research articles demonstrating the impact of the LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program can be accessed at:

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