What risk and protective factors does the LIFESKILLS®TRAINING (LST) Middle School Program target?

The Botvin LifeSkills Training Middle School Program  promotes healthy alternatives to risky behavior through activities designed to teach students the necessary skills to resist social (peer) pressures to smoke, drink, and use drugs, help students develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence, enable students to effectively cope with anxiety, increase student knowledge of the consequences of substance abuse, and enhance cognitive and behavioral competency (decision-making and problem-solving) to reduce and prevent a variety of health risk behaviors.

Protective Factors Targeted for an Increase

  • Social Skills
  • Interaction with Prosocial Peers

Risk Factors Targeted for a Decrease

  • Low Perceived Risks of Drug Use
  • Early Initiation of Drug Use
  • Sensation Seeking
  • Rebelliousness
  • Friends’ Delinquent Behavior
  • Friends’ Use of Drugs
  • Peer Rewards for Antisocial Behavior
  • Favorable Attitudes toward Antisocial Behavior
  • Favorable Attitudes toward Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use
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