The Incredible Years®: DINA Classroom Program

Graphic image of The Incredible Years DINA Classroom Logic Model that outlines the program components, target areas and outcomes expected from program implementation

The Incredible Years® are research-based, proven effective programs for reducing children's aggression and behavior problems and increasing social competence at home and at school.   The Incredible Years® includes several stand alone programs including a BASIC parent training program, an ADVANCE parent training program, a teacher training program, and a social emotional child program called DINA that can be used in the classroom or in a small group setting.

The Incredible Years® DINA Classroom Curriculum is a child training curriculum that strengthens children's social, emotional and academic competencies such as understanding and communicating feelings, using effective problem solving strategies, managing anger, practicing friendship and conversational skills, as well as appropriate classroom behaviors.  The child training program can be used by counselors or therapists to treat "difficult" and highly aggressive children in small groups or can be used by teachers as a prevention program for an entire classroom of students.

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