What special considerations exist for the The Incredible Years® programs during the time of COVID-19?

During COVID-19, The Incredible Years® programs (IY) have continued to be offered to children, youth and families throughout Pennsylvania.  The Penn State EPIS Implementation Specialist has collaborated with the Incredible Years® developer team to offer webinars, trainings, resources and learning community meetings to ensure sites across PA receive support and guidance as everyone navigates virtual implementation.  To begin receiving communications and notifications on upcoming opportunities like the ones mentioned above, please contact Penn State EPIS: 814-863-2568 or epis@psu.edu

As the Incredible Years® developer team creates new videos, recommendations, etc., to help providers delivery programming virtually, they place these resources within their website through their blogs.  They have developed a Frequently Asked Questions about Online Delivery of IY Programs webpage where you also can view previous blogs.  Whether you are transitioning child-focused programs to virtual implementation or parent-focused programs, they have well-established guidance that you have access to on their website: http://www.incredibleyears.com/.   

Initial IY Trainings for facilitators to be trained to deliver any of their programs, has also moved virtually.  Currently, in-person trainings are not being offered.  To access information related to IY virtual training, please click here.

Lastly, the PA-specific data collection process also continues with programs that are being offered virtually.  

If you have any questions related to IY trainings, program delivery, data collection and resources, we are here to help you.  

Penn State EPIS: 814-863-2568 or epis@psu.edu

The Incredible Years® : 206-285-7565 or incredibleyears@incredibleyears.com 

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