Grant Writing Resources

  • EBP 101:  series of informational videos that will guide you through selecting, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining an evidence-based program that's a perfect fit for the needs of your community.
  • Pennsylvania Youth Survey Resources
    • Understanding Your PAYS Data
    • PAYS Risk and Protective Factors
    • Evidence-based Program Fit for Your Community
      • When exploring evidence-based programs, there are three important areas of consideration, Program Fit, Feasibility, and Effectiveness:
        • Program Fit: Does the program specifically address your targeted BPAs and RPFs, desired ages and gradelevels, as well as the culture and values of your area?
        • Program Feasibility: What is the required capacity to deliver the program with sufficient quality, sustain it, and assess its delivery and impact?
        • Program Effectiveness: Based on a program’s evaluation results, how confident are you that the program will result in improved outcomes?

General Program Information