The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS): How-To Guide & Workbook with Supplemental Materials

Editable Worksheet


The PAYS How-To Guide & Workbook was designed to help you and your team to get the most out of your PAYS data. Throughout the guide you'll find worksheets that prompt you to answer thought-provoking questions about your data. Because this PDF document contains editable fields, if you're working online you may type your responses directly into the worksheets and save or print your completed guide.


Download the PAYS How-To Guide & Workbook

Supplemental Materials

As you work through the PAYs Guide the following supplemental materials may be helpful in providing additional context and insight.

Section One: Develop your PAYS team and analyze your data

Section Two: Identify your strengths and challenges

Section Three: Determine your priorities

Section Five: Putting PAYS into action

Questions? Contact EPISCenter if you have questions about the PAYS or about any of the workbook/supplemental materials.


Since 2013, the Pennsylvania Youth Survey has been made possible by the generous support of: