Outcomes Report Template - Step by Step Guide

Outcomes Report Template Step by Step Guide
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Looking for help with your Outcomes Report Template? Use the videos below to gain a basic understanding of how to use the EPISCenter's Outcome Report Templates. While these reports are designed for use by Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) grantees, the graphic section can be used by any program to report their outcomes to local stakeholders. Enjoy learning how to use these tools to tell your data story!

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This short introduction shows the Outcomes Report Templates and explains the rationale for some new features added in April 2013. Keep in mind that the templates will vary from program to program. These videos use Project Towards No Drug Abuse (TND) as the example.

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Aggregating Years One & Two:
To tell a complete data story, especially for PCCD grantees, you will need to add together data from year one and year two of your Quarterly Reporting Spreadsheets. The first video explains how to add the data using a paper and pencil tool and a calculator, and the second video shows how to use an Aggregate Data Excel Tool developed by EPISCenter. Aggregate Data tools are not available for all programs. Check the specific evidence based program to see which kind of tools are available.

Version One: Paper and Pencil

Version Two: Aggregate Data Excel Tool

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Updating Figures With Local Data:
Learn how to update the excel tables that underlie the figures in the template. While the tool for your program will most likely look different from the tool in this video (unless you are implementing Project TND) the basic process of opening the excel table embedded in the word document and transferring in your local data will be the same for all of the templates.