School-Based Primary Prevention


This video series was created in accordance with Act 55 of 2017 that updated the section of the Pennsylvania public school code that addresses how districts and intermediate units address educational opportunities focused on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by requiring each entity to:

  • Include instruction related to the prevention of opioid misuse  to students in grades 6-12, with an emphasis on the prescription drug epidemic and the connection between prescription opioid misuse and addiction to other drugs, including heroin
  • Provide a professional development program that includes information necessary to prepare for the teaching of this yearly mandated instruction
  • Ensure that education professionals who complete the professional development program may apply this training to their continuing education requirements

Who can benefit from viewing this training series?

While this video series has a focus on the professional development mandate authorized in Act 55, it was also developed for use by anyone interested in learning more about the opioid epidemic, primary prevention, and how to improve the lives of youth and families.

IMPORTANT NOTE for ACT 48 Credit Seekers:

Please click here to view the series and receive your ACT 48 Credit through the PA Department of Education’s Standards Aligned System (SAS) Portal.

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Series Overview
This video series is comprised of 20 videos broken into 5 learning modules. While viewing this series you will recieve an overview of the opioid epidemic and the role primary prevention plays in preventing substance misuse.

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