Are there differences in staffing and caseloads for FFT and MST?

FFT and MST are both delivered by individual therapists who are organized into teams or “sites” for the purpose of supervision, consultation, and service area. FFT and MST therapists should be masters-level clinicians, although both models make exceptions in certain cases that allow for experienced and well- trained bachelor-level therapists. (Note: In Pennsylvania, programs funded by Medical Assistance must staff their teams in accordance with their OMHSAS-approved service description, which may include stricter, more specific hiring requirements.)

FFT sites have 3 to 8 therapists, including the supervisor. Therapists are ideally full-time but may also be part-time. A caseload of 10-12 clients is recommended for a full-time therapist providing in-home FFT. FFT supervisors must carry a caseload of at least 5 clients.

MST teams have 2 to 4 full-time therapists plus a clinical supervisor. Each therapist carries 4 to 6 cases, with an expected case average of 5. The supervisor may carry a small caseload under certain circumstances but is not required to do so.

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