Can FFT and MST therapists keep the referral source informed?

Yes, this occurs in both programs.

MST defines consultation to and collaboration with other systems as a key element of the model from the beginning of treatment. At the start of treatment, the MST Therapist reaches out to all key participants to gather their desired outcomes. These desired outcomes are then used to develop treatment goals. Key Participants are then kept informed of treatment gains throughout the treatment process.

FFT therapists focus on the family system in the early phases of treatment and then collaborate with other systems as the family reaches the final phase of treatment. FFT includes pre-treatment systems work to connect with referral sources at the beginning of treatment and keeps these sources informed in a collaborative manner throughout treatment.

With both programs, referral sources should talk with the therapist about the type and frequency of progress reports they need. Regardless of which program a youth is involved in, state law generally prohibits mental health providers from sharing unnecessary information and sharing information about a client without appropriate consent.

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