How are the FFT and MST treatment models similar?

There are some similarities between the two clinical models. Both models:

  • Are strength-based.
  • Strive to empower family members.
  • Engage caregivers, who are viewed as essential participants in the youth’s treatment. View improved family functioning as the path to resolving referral behaviors.
  • Meet with families in their homes, at times convenient to the family. Adjust the frequency of sessions to meet the clinical needs of the family.
  • Tailor treatment to the family’s unique situation.
  • Include the development of parenting skills and enhancement of family relationships when clinically indicated, and often include “homework assignments” between sessions.
  • Help families build natural supports.
  • Require that therapists receive group supervision on a weekly basis and spend a considerable amount of time between sessions planning interventions. Both models include some form of ongoing consultation from model experts to ensure ongoing model fidelity.
  • In MST, this consultation occurs via weekly phone consultation from an MST model Expert.
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