What kind of training is needed for the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)? What about materials?

Practitioners need to be trained to the highest standard and supported in their use of the program in order for the program to be as effective as possible.  Triple P’s training model has been developed to produce Practitioners who are confident, knowledgeable and understand the importance of delivering the program with fidelity to the model by attending an initial training and then proceeding in becoming accredited.

Trained Practitioners are provided with an initial Practitioner Kit and access to online resources.  Each caregiver that participates in the program is provided with a Caregiver Workbook and these costs need to be accounted for in program delivery.
Due to the varied nature of the program levels, it is recommended that individuals contact Triple P America, (803) 451-2278 or contact.us@triplep.net , to determine the best intervention fit that will then determine training and program material needs.

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