What are the risk and protective factors that STRENGTHENING FAMILIES PROGRAM FOR PARENTS AND YOUTH 10-14 (SFP 10-14) is designed to target?

Protective Factors

Targeted for an Increase

Risk Factors

Targeted for a Decrease

  • Youth and family management practices, including monitoring, age-appropriate parental expectations, and consistent discipline
  • Effective and empathetic parent-child communication
  • Promotion of healthy beliefs and clear standards
  • Family bonding and supportive family involvement
  • Goal setting and positive future orientation
  • Positive parent-child affect
  • Emotional management
  • Pro-social family values
  • Peer pressure refusal skills
  • Child and family management practices, including harsh, inappropriate, or inconsistent discipline, indulgence, poor parental monitoring, demanding/rejecting behavior, and poor communication of rules
  • Youth aggressive or withdrawn behavior
  • Favorable attitudes toward problem behaviors and substance use
  • Friends who engage in problem behaviors – Negative peer influences
  • Poor social and stress management skills
  • Family conflict
  • Early initiation of problem behaviors
  • Early and persistent antisocial behavior
  • Poor school performance