How is the PATHS® program structured?

Grade level modules:  The PATHS® program is a complete kit for each grade level.  A kit comes with an Introduction to an instructor’s guide, a curriculum manual, posters, parent materials, and other grade specific supplies.

  • Preschool/Kindergarten-44 lessons
  • Grade 1-52 lessons
  • Grade 2-50 lessons
  • Grade 3-42 lessons
  • Grade 4-40 lessons (plus 4 novel study guides)
  • Grade 5/6-36 lessons (plus 4 novel study guides)

Schools implementing PATHS® create a PATHS® community atmosphere by having Control Signal Posters (problem solving steps) posted throughout the school, having school principals/administrators reinforce PATHS® concepts with students with disciplinary issues and provide their support to teachers with implementation, and having support staff and itinerant teachers trained to use the PATHS® concepts as well.  A site’s PATHS® trainer consults to help each site develop a plan for strong implementation.

A free online preview of the PATHS® program is available here.