What Positive Action® (PA) materials are required and what are the associated costs?

Materials & Equipment

Cost per Classroom

(30 Students)

Cost per Student

Classroom Kit-includes all materials (Grades K-8)


Discount on multiple kits per grade level


Optional Additional Kits-School Climate, Bullying Prevention, Drug Use Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Community, Counselor, Parenting and Family

*School Climate Kit should be purchased as a requirement for PCCD grantees.



Student Pre/Post Surveys & Unit Fidelity Report (should be downloaded from EPISCenter website and duplicated)

No Cost

No Cost

Initial Cost for a Classroom of 30 Students not including Optional Additional Kits

$400-$450 plus 10% shipping and handling

(not including optional additional Kits)

 Additional materials information:

  • Reinforcement materials are available through the Positive Action website for an additional fee.
  • Free pre/post surveys may be downloaded from the EPIS website.
  • Duplicating costs for pre/post measures and miscellaneous materials should be included and will vary by site.
  • The ideal Positive Action budget will address costs related to administration of pre/post measures and data entry in addition to a 10% shipping and handling charge.

**For most current cost of training and materials please visit https://www.positiveaction.net/ or call Positive Action.

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