How is Positive Action® (PA) structured?

Positive Action® (PA) contains 6 consecutive Units in each grade level kit.  The Units include the following topics:  Self-Concept, Positive Actions for Your Body and Mind, Managing Yourself Responsibly, Treating Others the Way You Like to be Treated, Telling Yourself the Truth, and Improving Yourself Continually.  Lessons should be taught in the morning and concepts reinforced throughout the day.  Lessons will be more effective is effort is made to localize or adapt the lessons for your school and area.  Areas that can be adapted include:  Names of characters, settings of stories, and cultural references.  Areas that cannot be adapted are:  Concepts, methodologies, and strategies.

Grades K-6 Structure

Grades 7-8 Structure

140 lessons

82 lessons

10-15 minute lessons

15-20 minute lessons

Minimum of 48 lessons delivered per school year.

Minimum of 31 lessons delivered per school year.


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