What risk and protective factors does the Positive Action® (PA) curriculum target?

The program addresses the following individual risk/protective factors:

Protective factors targeted for an increase

  • Academic self-efficacy
  • Clear standards for behavior
  • Perceived risk of drug use
  • Problem solving skills
  • Improved relations with pro-social peers
  • Positive orientation to school
  • Communication/interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making and critical thinking skills
  • Adaptive coping/self-management skills

Risk factors targeted for a decrease

  • Antisocial/aggressive behavior
  • Bullies others
  • Early initiation of antisocial behavior
  • Early initiation of drug use
  • Favorable attitudes towards antisocial behaviors
  • Favorable attitudes towards drug use
  • Physical violence
  • Rebelliousness
  • Substance use
  • Victim of bullying