What Olweus Bullying Prevention Program costs should I budget for?

  • Required Materials:
    • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Schoolwide Guide with DVD/CD (1 per school building)
    • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Teacher Guide with DVD/CD-ROM (1 per teacher)
    • Olweus Bullying Questionnaire with Scanning Services or Online Version
    • Scannable Version (Package of 30 with Scanning Services)
    • Raw data from Hazelden for Student Olweus Bullying Questionnaires
  • Recommended Materials:
    • Class Meetings That Matter K-5-A Year's Worth of Resources for Grades K-5
    • Class Meetings That Matter 6-8-A Year's Worth of Resources for Grades 6-8
    • Class Meetings and Individual Intervention DVD Set-A Video Training Program for School Staff
  • Other potential costs:
    • Standard School Data Report from Hazelden for Student Olweus Bullying Questionnaire includes narrative as well as graphs of key data for use in PowerPoint presentations.  The standard School Report is provided at no cost when a school purchases the scannable version of OBQ.
    • Trends Report comparing a school’s data from year to year
    • District Report compiling data from all of the schools within a district
    • District Trends Report comparing a district’s data from year to year
    • District Combined Report (if your Olweus implementation involves multiple school districts)
  • OBPP Trainer of Trainers for your site-In order to promote sustainability, it is recommended that someone at your site complete the Training of Trainers for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  This person would be available to train new teachers/providers and provide booster trainings thereby reducing future training costs.
  • Onsite Coordinator-having a person designated to coordinate the implementation of Olweus is recommended by the developer.  This person could be part or full-time depending on the number of schools where Olweus is being implemented.  This person could become a certified Olweus trainer.  See OBPP TOT for your site above.
  • Supplies for your Kickoff Event(s)-Consider providing funds for each school to have a kickoff event.
  • Optional Program Promotional materials-there are templates for posters on the Schoolwide Guide CD-ROM that your site may want to have reproduced.
  • Program Evaluation Costs-Make sure to include the cost for the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire for each student, processing of the questionnaires, and reports from Hazelden.
  • Fidelity Verification visit by developer or designee.   PCCD funded sites are required to have the implementation quality of their program verified by the developer or trainer in year two.  This would include cost for a meeting with the grantee’s overall program coordinator for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, document review, onsite visits, and preparation of letter for PCCD.  In addition, the site should budget for travel costs that include airfare or mileage, hotel, airport parking, and per diem. Each site should contact Jane Riese at (717)-870-7992 or jriese@.clemson.edu for an estimated cost of to fulfill this requirement.

Please be aware that a developer or designee may require visits to multiple sites to verify sufficient implementation quality.  Potential grantees need to contact the developer or designee to get an estimate of the travel and time expenses for the verification of implementation quality visit for their specific site and include that cost in their budget for the second year of grant funding. 

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