What risk and protective factors does the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program target?

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program goals are to reduce and prevent bullying problems among school children and to improve peer relations at school. The program has been found to reduce bullying among children, improve the social climate of classrooms, and reduce related antisocial behaviors, such as vandalism and truancy.

Protective Factors Targeted for an Increase

  • School Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement
  • School Rewards for Prosocial Involvement
  • Social Skills
  • Interaction with Prosocial Peers

Risk Factors Targeted for a Decrease

  • Low School Commitment
  • Poor Academic Performance
  • Rebelliousness
  • Friends Delinquent Behavior
  • Peer Rewards for Antisocial Behavior
  • Favorable Attitudes Towards Antisocial Behavior
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