What Incredible Years ADVANCE Parent Program costs should I budget for?

  • One-Time Only Initial Cost of Group Leader Training
  • One-Time Only Initial Program Materials
  • Ongoing Consultation
  • Ongoing Costs for Parent Groups (based on one group of 14 parents for 12 weeks)
    • Day care for children (3 hours per night per provider x 12 sessions); number of providers will depend on number of children in day care. For 3 providers @ $12 per hour. Approx. $1200
    • Food for dinners for groups ($80 per group x 12 sessions). Approx. $1000
    • Group leaders’ time for one group - 5 hours per week x 12 sessions x 2 leaders @ $25 per hour. Approx. $3000
    • Parent Books Magnets (optional) for parents
    • Parent Handouts Room for parent group (may be provided at no charge by agency or school)
    • Optional: prizes for parents, e.g. children’s books, bubble bath, candles, etc.

The Incredible Years provides a cost planning excel worksheet at the link below to help determine what costs you should budget for when implementing the ADVANCE Parent Program. http://www.incredibleyears.com/download/administrators/2019-incredible-years-cost-planning-estimate-worksheet-for-agencies-rev-2020.xls

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