What risk and protective factors does the Incredible Years ADVANCE Parent Program target?

Protective Factors Targeted for an Increase

  • Family Attachment
  • Family Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement
  • Family Rewards for Prosocial Involvement
  • Positive, nurturing, developmentally appropriate parenting skills
  • Parent support for child social, emotional and academic development
  • Parent partnerships with teachers/schools
  • Parent effective communication skills, anger management, problem solving

Risk Factors Targeted for a Decrease

  • Poor Family Management
  • Family Conflict
  • Family History of Antisocial Behavior
  • Ineffective parenting skills
  • Low monitoring
  • Numerous stressors (negative life events, socio‐economic disadvantage, and isolation)
  • Low parent involvement with schools/teachers
  • Child biological factors (developmental delays, ADHD, cognitive, language)
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