How is the Incredible Years BASIC Parent Program structured?

The link below will give you an overview of the Incredible Years BASIC Parent Program

  • Two parent group facilitators lead between 10-14 parents in weekly sessions that last for approximately 2-2.5 hours each for 14 weeks.
  • Typically food, childcare, and transportation are provided for each session.
  • The parent group facilitators use a variety of methods to build relationships with the parents and lead them in learning positive parenting practices by using:
    • DVD vignettes of parents and their children
    • Discussions
    • Goal setting and problem solving
    • Skills training and practice
    • Group brainstorming to identify social learning principles and effective strategies
    • Role play and behavioral rehearsal
    • Homework assignments including practice and reading
    • Weekly leader phone calls to parents

The Incredible Years BASIC Parent Program is based on principles of video modeling, observational learning, rehearsal and practice, self-management, self-reflection, and cognitive self-control.   

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