What kind of outcomes can be expected from the Incredible Years BASIC Program?

In research studies*, the Incredible Years BASIC Parent Programs have been shown to:

  • Increase parent positive affect such as praise and reduced use of criticism and negative commands.
  • Increase parent use of effective limit-setting by replacing spanking and harsh discipline with nonviolent discipline techniques and increased monitoring of children.
  • Reduce parental depression and increase parental self-confidence.
  • Increase positive family communication and problem-solving.
  • Reduce conduct problems in children's interactions with parents and increases in their positive affect and compliance to parental commands.

* Six randomized control group evaluations of the parenting series by the program developer and colleagues at the University of Washington as well as five independent replications by other investigators.

Information and research articles demonstrating the impact of the Incredible Years BASIC Program can be accessed at:

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