In what ways can I involve my local collaborative prevention board?

  • Local collaborative boards can play an important role in program development and sustainability. At start-up, present the research behind BBBS and share your local goals for the program.
  • Provide board members with a fact sheet and the program’s logic model.
  • Help them to understand ways in which they can contribute to the program’s local success, such as by referring youth, recruiting volunteers, contributing to marketing or fundraising activities, or donating incentives or tickets to activities that the matches can participate in.
  • Identify potential program champions or community gatekeepers that can help to build relationships that may lead to program support or increased recruitment or referrals.
  • Provide frequent verbal reports on the program’s impact and at least annually provide a written summary of program outcomes.
  • Identify board members to become engaged in generating outcome reports and securing sustainability funds.
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