Education & Treatment Alternatives, Inc. (ETA)

Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc. (ETA) has provided Aggression Replacement Training® since 1998.  The Model is designed to assure Model adherence and sustainability.  ETA provides Aggression Replacement Training® practice training, coaching and monitoring activities.  Aggression Replacement Training® is an intervention designed for aggressive adolescents and children.  Its component procedures are:

  1. Skillstreaming – which teaches a curriculum of prosocial, interpersonal skills (i.e. what to do instead of aggression)
  2. Anger Control Training – to teach youth how to recognize and control angry feelings “what not to do if provoked.”
  3. Moral Reasoning Training – to promote values that respect the rights of others, and help youth want to use the interpersonal and anger management skills taught.

ETA has been providing Aggression Replacement Training® workshops since 1998.  Master Trainers Mark Amendola, LCSW and Robert Oliver, Ed.D. worked and trained with Arnold Goldstein, Ph.D., who was the primary developer of Aggression Replacement Training®.  Prior to his death in 2002, Dr. Goldstein asked Mr. Amendola and Dr. Oliver to carry on his life’s work.  ETA has provided 250 Aggression Replacement Trainings®  during which over 5,000 Aggression Replacement Training®  group facilitators have been trained.  ETA has six Master Trainers and has the capacity to provide 150 days of trainings per year.

An example of the scope of work is illustrated in the State of California, ETA, since 2004, has worked with the California Institute for Mental Health to collaborate on a large evidence based practice project for the implementation of Aggression Replacement Training® that includes 73 public and private non-profit agencies, including 33 probation departments.

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