What are the costs associated with starting a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) program?

In Pennsylvania, the EPISCenter has taken steps to coordinate training across PCCD-funded projects. The following suggestions are based on training costs for programs funded by PCCD for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Whenever possible the EPISCenter will coordinate training across providers to minimize expenses.

Category Cost Estimate Per Clinician Estimated Time Required Notes
TF-CBT Web 2.0 Training (on-line) $35 11 Hours Agencies may want to consider loss of billable time as part of the training cost.
2-Day Live Training $200 - $300 16 Hours + travel PCCD grantees are expected to utilize in-state TF-CBT trainings whenever possible. These are usually offered twice per year.
Consultation Call Series $200 - $360 12 Hours Estimate is based on having 10 therapists in the group. Cost for a 12-call series for a group of 5-12 therapists ranges from $2,400-$3,600, depending on consultant charges.
Therapist Certification $250 2 Hours Includes application and testing fees ($125 each)
Recommended texts and study time $70 16 hours Clinicians are encouraged to read two TF-CBT books written by the developers.
Clinical materials Varies N/A Purchase of therapeutic games, workbooks, art supplies, etc. to use when delivering TF-CBT. A list of ideas is provided on the EPISCenter’s Therapist Resources webpage.
Supervision Varies Varies Supervisors overseeing TF-CBT clinicians should be trained in the model.

For therapists who pursue training and consultation independently, the cost may be higher. Available trainings on the TF-CBT website indicate costs ranging from $200-350 for the 2-day training and $250-435 for a series of 12 consultation calls.

Organizations may also want to plan for the following costs:

  • Advanced TF-CBT Training
  • On-going consultation, beyond the required 12-call series
  • Marketing materials
  • Data Orientation Training for therapists with PCCD-funded projects (1 hour per therapist)