What special considerations exist for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program during the time of COVID-19?

During COVID-19, Olweus training and programming continue to be delivered both virtually and in-person, both at the school-level and through Clemson University’s Olweus Trainer Certification Course.  All existing training resources have been adapted for virtual delivery, if needed.  Consultation and technical assistance are available to navigate implementation and to overcome any challenges or barriers you may be experiencing.  Data collection processes are also still in place.  Resources for schools and certified Olweus Trainer-Consultants have been developed and continue to be developed as we all continue to provide high-quality programming with Olweus to the children and youth across Pennsylvania. 

For questions related to Olweus, please contact:

Jane Riese. L.S.W. 
Clemson University 
Clemson, SC 29634 
Phone: 717-870-7992 
Email: jriese@clemson.edu

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