Marketing Ideas for Increasing Awareness and Family Recruitment

Low Budget Marketing and Promotion

  • Elevator door wraps (hospital, business, hotel, school, medical buildings)
  • Mailers/Post cards
  • Bookmarks (distribute to school and public library)
  • Painted rocks hidden around town with program related hashtags
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Posters (coffee shops, doctor offices/other medical offices, schools)
  • Stickers with program details at day care, pediatricians, etc.
  • Information during at morning announcements
  • Church bulletins
  • Custom QR codes (auto populate phone calendar with dates)
  • Mall/Downtown closed store fronts (empty stores)
  • Referral Competitions
    • Campaigns (refer another family that completes programming and get X-incentive)
  • Promote upcoming dates in email signatures
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Posts, group pages, Live Videos, polls/questions
  • Clear advertising on agency website

Higher Cost Marketing and Promotion

  • Digital/Static Billboards
  • Banners (baseball fields, ice/roller skating rink)
  • TV commercials (local)/ads on Hulu/Netflix
  • Radio adds (local)/SiriusXM
    • Use the voice of families who completed the program