Taking The Lead Newsletter

Taking The Lead is a newsletter for county leadership and BH-MCOs in Pennsylvania, focused on providing timely and relevant information about evidence-based intervention programs (FFT, MST, and MTFC).

Current Issue:

  • Volume 18, September 2015New
    In this issue of Taking The Lead  we explore the processes through which the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency expanded the list of programs that are eligible for Violence Prevention Program seed funding.

Past Issues:

  • Volume 1, June 2012
    An introduction to the EPISCenter and information about how the proliferation of EBIs in Pennsylvania has corresponded to decreasing placement rates.

  • Volume 2, October 2012 
    A focus on data: What data is available for the evidence-based interventions (EBIs)? Where does it come from? How is the data used? And what impact have EBIs had in Pennsylania?

  • Volume 3, March 2013 
    What does it take to scale up evidence-based interventions  in an effective and efficient way?  In this issue we explore county-wide planning strategies. We take a closer look at how delays in the start of service impact implementation quality and therefore outcomes.

  • Volume 4, May/June 2013
    Is your community working with scarce funding resources?  In this issue we explain why county funding is critical to sustaining evidence-based interventions (EBIs) and share guidelines for evaluating your local EBI's funding  needs. We also share tips and resources for using data to support your county plan and budget.

  • Volume 5, July 2013 
    In Issue 5 of Taking The Lead we explore strategies for enhancing collaboration in your county.  We'll also take a look at the EBI Committee of Blair County, a real world success story.

  • Volume 6, August 2013
    In Issue Six of Taking The Lead we explore INSPIRE, a data collection and reporting system developed by the EPISCenter.

  • Volume 7, October 2013
    In this issue of Taking the Lead we explore the importance of matching EBI capacity to county needs to ensure the right families and children get the right services at the right time.

  • Volume 8, November 2013
    In this issue of Taking the Lead we explore referral criteria for intensive treatment programs in PA and introduce the new Managing Director of the EPISCenter!

  • Volume 9, December, 2013
    In this issue of Taking the Lead we feature recent research findings on evidence-based interventions and highlight important outcomes from INSPIRE.

  • Volume 10, February 2014
    In this issue of Taking the Lead we share a step-by-step guide for how to streamline the Medical Assistance Application process. Expediting Medical Assistance Applications can help county funds stretch further to serve more youth and families! We also share an exciting resource from the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

  • Volume 12, April 2014 
    In this issue of Taking the Lead we take a closer look at one of the less common evidence-based intervention programs, Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care, exploring the model as well as Pennsylvania-specific MTFC outcomes from the past three years. 

  • Volume 13, May 2014
    In this issue of Taking the Lead, we highlight three basic steps that counties can take in order to be informed consumers of evidence-based intervention program lists.

  • Volume 13, August 2014
    In this issue of Taking The Lead we discuss features that make EBIs worth the effort and highlight communities where they have been successfully sustained for a decade or more.

  • Volume 14, December 2014
    In this issue of Taking The Lead we highlight the demonstrated impact on siblings of youth involved with intensive in-home evidence-based programs and the associated financial impact.

  • Volume 16, April 2015
    In this issue of Taking The Lead we share 3 years of data for these programs and feature new EPISCenter resources for understanding how FFT and MST address both the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) Risk and Protective Factors and the Youth Level of Service (YLS) criminogenic needs.

  • Volume 17, June/July 2015New
    In this issue of Taking The Lead  we share two examples of how programs like MST and FFT can help keep youth out of placement and on the right track to becoming responsible and productive adults.

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