Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP 10-14) Training Information

Iowa State University, the developer of the Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14, requires training certification in order to implement SFP 10-14 in your community. SFP 10-14 training occurs over three days. The training helps ensure program fidelity, making it more likely that there will be positive outcomes for youth and parents.  

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Scheduling Training
To schedule training contact the EPISCenter at
(814) 863-2568 or

Once your request is received and a trainer(s) is confirmed for your selected dates, you will be contacted by the SFP 10-14 Statewide Training Coordinator to submit additional logistical information.

Potential Grantees

When you are applying for grant funds through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) or any other funding source, please notify the EPISCenter at the time of your application that you will need training if awarded. This alerts the training team of the potential demand for trainings and allows planning to begin. 

Newly Funded PA Sites
Regardless of the funding source, as soon as you have been notified of a grant award, contact the EPISCenter to formally schedule SFP 10-14 training. Due to the demand for training, timely scheduling is essential in order for you to begin your implementation as proposed in your grant timeline. 

Ongoing and Expanding Sites
Sites that have been implementing SFP 10-14 in their communities may need additional training due to facilitator attrition or program expansion.  Contact the EPISCenter to:

  • Schedule an on-site training for fifteen or more training attendees.
  • Coordinate with another host site if you have fewer than five new facilitators that need training.
  • Coordinate shared training between sites that together can host a full training (15 or more participants). In this case, costs are shared between sites.  

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Training Costs
The fee to train up to 15 participants is $4,200.  When there are more than 15 participants (up to 30) the fee is $5,400 because two trainers are required.  In addition to training fees, the hosting site is responsible for the trainer’s travel related expenses (approximately $1,200 per trainer).  Training fees will be collected by Iowa State University.

Hosting Training
Once a training is scheduled your site will need to recruit participants, confirm facility logistics, and prepare supplies. The training will occur over three days from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  

Facilitator Recruitment
A diverse group of community members should be invited.  Potential facilitators should be those who will not only facilitate for your organization, but who can also help recruit families and help contribute to program sustainability.

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Training Logistics and Supplies

  • Your site is responsible for securing a training location.  When selecting a training facility, consider the number of attendees, ample space to conduct games/activities, serving and cleaning up after meals, and easy parking access.
  • Prior to training, invite participants to dress comfortably and to bring note taking materials.
  • Your site is responsible for the cost and coordination of meals (lunch required, beverages for the day and breakfast are recommended).
  • Before the training, your site will receive a training box from ISU which includes training folders, nametags, and other materials.  Please present the package to the trainers on the first day of the training.
  • On training days you will need a laptop with DVD playing capability, projector and screen, speakers, a flip chart stand and paper, and 1 SFP 10-14 manual per 2 attendees. (Order manuals from Iowa State University at least one month prior to training at:

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Post Training

An invoice will be sent to the host site within 30 days of training completion. Payment will be remitted to Iowa Stae University.

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Pennsylvania Training Infrastructure
Pennsylvania has established a unique collaborative infrastructure to oversee and coordinate SFP 10-14 training in Pennsylvania. Collaborative partners from the Pennsylvania State University include:  the Prevention Research Center, Cooperative Extension, the Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Support Center (EPISCenter), and The Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness. Iowa State University has approved that training be delivered in Pennsylvania using a select cadre of Pennsylvania certified Master Trainers.  

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