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Program Outcomes

  • PCCD Research Programs Initiative:  Outcome Reports Summary for 2007 Grantees (October 2010) 
    This document is a summary of Outcome Reports submitted to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) by sites funded under the Research-based Programs Initiative with four-year grants beginning in 2007 and two-year grants beginning in 2008.  As part of the grant award process, all grantees were required to complete an outcome data report to communicate the quality and impact of their program after three years of funding for the four-year grants and after two years for the two-year grants.

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Research Briefs

  • Sustainability of Evidence-based Programs Findings from the 2010 PCCD Web Survey 
    Research brief discusses the findings from the 2010 PCCD web-based survey of evidence-based programs. This year’s research brief focuses on sustainability and answers the following questions: Are programs able to sustain functioning after the end of their PCCD grant and at what level?; How are programs sustained?; What factors predict sustainability?; What sustainability resources are available to communities?
  • Effective Community Prevention:  Results from the PCCD Web Survey  (July 2010)
    The EPISCenter is committed to advancing the science and practice of prevention by studying the factors that promote high quality implementation and sustainability of evidence-based programs in Pennsylvania.  Since 2005, state-funded program sites have participated in an annual web-based survey focused on implementation, evaluation, and sustainability.  This research brief provides a summary of our most recent findings.

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Program Impact in Pennsylvania

  • Reducing Youth Violence and Delinquency in Pennsylvania (October 2007)
    This booklet details Pennsylvania's apprOoach to effectively addressing juvenile crime.  It presents case studies of model prevention programs being implemented throughout the Commonwealth through PCCD funding, and describes the positive outcomes being seen in these communities.

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 Technical Assistance Summaries 

  • 2009-10 Technical Assistance Data Summary provided by the EPISCenter (July 2010)
    This document provides a summary of the technical assistance (TA) provided by the EPISCenter during the 2009-10 fiscal year (July, 2009 through June, 2010).  Overall, we supported 710 technical assistance tasks, including 162 instances of Proactive TA and responses to 548 TA requests.

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  • EBI Rate Survey 
    In March 2012 the EPISCenter gathered information from FFT, MST, and MTFC regarding the rates paid for services in Pennsylvania. This powerpoint highlights the significant variability in reimbursement for services across the Commonwealth.

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