Department of Human Services Related Resources

Office of Children, Youth, and Families (OCYF)

  • OCYF Special Grant Funding - Clarification Letter
    This letter, jointly issued by OCYF, OMHSAS, PCCD, and JCJC in January 2011, includes a brief overview of the process for obtaining Special Grants from OCYF, details about what should be included in contracts between the County Children & Youth Agency and evidence-based provider, and clarification regarding what costs Special Grants can cover.
  • OCYF County Contacts(rev. 11/19/2012)
    Contact information for county leadership including C&Y Administrators, Chief JPOs, Human Services Directors, Financial Officers, County Commissioners, and Juvenile Court Judges.&

Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) / Medical Assistance

  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Assistance (M.A.) Enrollment, Billing, and Monitoring
    This document, created by the OMHSAS Children's Bureau, provides useful information related to using Medical Assistance for MST, FFT, or MTFC.  Questions and answers relate to issues such as how to get approved for M.A. funding; provider requirements; the relationship between OMHSAS Children's Bureau, Field Offices, and the BH-MCOs; how to request a waiver; when to submit changes to a service description; how to submit a prior authorization packet in M.A. Fee-for-Service; and how OMHSAS monitors services.
  • Comparison of EBIs and Family Based Mental Health Services 
    This matrix compares FFT, MST, MTFC, and FBMHS across a number of categories including target population, interventions, staffing, and clinical oversight. Created by the OMHSAS Children's Bureau.
  • Sample ISPT Invitation & Feedback Form 
    M.A.-funded evidence-based intervention programs are required to convene an ISPT for each youth. This form can be used to invite participants to a youth's ISPT meeting, easily document and track such invitations, and facilitate written feedback from invitees who are unable to attend. While the form was developed for FFT, it can be easily adapted to other programs.
  • OMHSAS Site Review Survey Tool 
    OMHSAS regularly visits EBI providers to evaluate compliance with their OMHSAS-approved service descriptions and state regulations. M.A.-funded sites should familiarize themselves with the audit tool used by OMHSAS and can do so by requesting a copy from the OMHSAS Children's Bureau. (Contact Ebonnie Simmons-Hall at 717-772-6870.)
  • Health Choices Behavioral Health Primary Contractors. For each county, contact information is provided for the primary Health Choices contractor, the Behavioral Health MCO (Behavioral Health Subcontractor), and the liaison from the OMHSAS Field Office.

Juvenile Justice Systems Enhancement Strategy

  • YLS/CMI - Phase I-IV Counties 
    A map of counties implementing the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory as of May 2012. Roll-out of the YLS began with Phase I counties in 2009.

Behavioral Health Managed Care Companies

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