Putting Your Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) Data Into Action!

Analyzing your PAYS Data will help you put PAYS into Action!

Why put PAYS into action?  How should you use PAYS?

  • Identify strengths and challenges
  • Determine priorities
  • Understand and direct resource allocations
  • Develop a risk-focused comprehensive strategic plan
  • Engage youth in using the PAYS data
  • Weave efforts into larger community prevention framework

Analyzing your PAYS:  Effective Steps & Tools


Getting Started: 

What is PAYS?



Module One: 

Form Your Team & Analyze Data



Module Two: 

Determine Targets and Priorities



Module Three: 

Conduct Resource Assessment



Module Four: 

Explore Evidence-Based Programs (EBPs)



Module Five: 

Create an Action Plan



Module Six: 

It PAYS to Know…It PAYS to Share!


The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS):  User Guide and Worksheets

This multi-faceted guide is best utilized when accessing the module-based online resources above.  In each module, you will find an extensive library of worksheets, report examples/templates, and other supporting resources that will assist with successful PAYS analysis and planning. 

We recommend using the module-based resources above. The complete guide (79 page pdf file) is available - If you would like to download the complete guide CLICK HERE!