Positive Action

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Program Type and Risk Level:

  • Universal prevention

Developed by:

  • Dr. Carol Gerber Allred


Program Information:

  • The Positive Action program features scripted lessons that are easy to prepare and teach. Program materials, which include posters, games, worksheets and puzzles, are included in a kit for each grade level. Each kit contains approximately 140 lessons and takes only about 15 minutes to complete.


  • Ages 5-15 (Grades K-8)

Program Overview:

  • Positive Action is a school-based program that focuses on school-wide climate change for grades K-6 (140 15-minute lessons) and grades 7-8 (82 15-minute lessons). The program content is divided into six units. The first unit underlines the program philosophy and provides an introduction to the potential impacts of positive and negative actions/behaviors. The remaining units educate students on positive actions and behaviors for the physical, intellectual, social and emotional areas. Additionally, the program contains a school-wide climate development kit for each level, as well as a Counselor’s kit, both which help to reinforce the classroom lessons and coordinate a larger school-wide effort in the reinforcement of positive behaviors.
  • Positive Action FAQs
  • Positive Action Logic Model
  • Positive Action Readiness Tool
  • Sustainability Planning Checklist

Proven Research Outcomes:

  • Lower disaffection with learning and higher teacher-rated academic motivation at grade 8; lower normative support for aggression at grade 8; better social interaction skills, evidenced by higher scores on the Social Emotional and Character Development Scale.


  • On-Site/Face-to-Face: $3,000 per day plus travel expenses, up to 50 participants. May last a half to 5 whole days, but typically 1-2 days. Other training options are available, however, in all evaluations certifying for Blueprints list the face-to-face training was delivered.

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