What Steps Can I Take to Prepare for SPEP?

There are a number of ways that providers can begin to prepare for SPEP, to increase the likelihood of a good score, and to improve services sooner

Featured Resource: Continuum of Services  New
Use this resource to identify all programs (which can include one or more individual services appropriate for SPEP) utilized for juvenile offenders in your jurisdiction; it should encompass community-based and residential programs. Include service description, target population, and duration. This process can also assist in the identification of gaps in services.

  • Ensure data collection processes are in place. 
    • If your organization is not currently tracking the number of hours and weeks that referred youth are receiving, begin to put data collection processes in place. 
    • If data collection processes are mostly manual and/or paper-based, identify ways to automate collection and reporting of this information (e.g., begin tracking in Excel, Access, or some other program that enables easy manipulation of data). 
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  • Ensure data collected are adequate for reporting.
    • Rosters should show youth start date in service and end date in service. 
    • Number of weeks in the service should also be counted. Start and end dates do not adequately represent a count of the weeks of services that youth received. 
    • When possible, hours of service should be actual counts of service received. Hours of service for each youth should be recorded.
    • When data on actual number of weeks or actual number of hours are not available, the scorer must use the most conservative estimate of hours received.
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  • Assess the status of written manuals and other protocol materials.
    • If you do not currently have manuals for the programs and services you provide, begin to develop them. These manuals are typically not the same as employee handbook manuals, employee orientation manuals, and the like. Manuals for programs should describe the service provided, to whom, by whom, and in what manner. See the “Protocol” section of the Quality Measure Checklist for more details.
    • Update program/service manuals if they have not been reviewed in over 2 years. Indicate somewhere in the manual that a review was done and the date.
    • Ensure that manuals are being utilized beyond training days. Manuals should be utilized in an ongoing manner and their use during service delivery should be documented or verified in some way.
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  • Clarify and document how staff are supervised and how feedback is given.
    • Ensure staff delivery of services are being supervised.
    • Supervision should occur regularly.
    • Supervision should be documented (who was observed, what was observed, reactions to what was observed), and feedback should be provided to the staff-person observed. 
    • Feedback to staff should be documented. 
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