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Quality of Service
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This data element is operationalized by combining information about the following program features into a single program rating for each program service that is to receive a SPEP score:

  • Written Program Protocol
    The existence of and utilization of a program manual or an analogous written protocol that describes the intended service and the way it is to be delivered.

  • Personnel Trained in the Program and Associated Protocol
    The staff who deliver the program directly to the youth, such as group leaders or therapists, have the licensure and credentials appropriate for providing the service and have also been trained in the particular program or service being delivered.

  • Monitoring the Quality of the Service Delivery
    A procedure is in place to actively monitor adherence to the protocol and other aspects of quality of those providing the service. A related indicator is staff and management performance evaluations that are based, at least in part, on an assessment of service quality and consistent service implementation.

  • Organizational Procedures for Responding to Departures from the Protocol
    Procedures or policies are in place and used to take corrective action when significant departures from the service protocol or lapses in quality are identified.

(Excerpt from SPEP Users Guide 2013, Lipsey & Chapman, Vanderbilt University).

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