What Happens During the SPEP Interview?

  • Information sharing between provider(s) and SPEP scorer(s)
  • Discussion of how program is run, who runs it, what is covered, what days, etc.
  • Review of program materials

A very important part of the SPEP process lies in gathering information from the service provider. Some parts of this information will come from conversations and interviews with provider staff, some will come from provider manuals, handbooks, and curriculum, and some will come from data management or attendance tracking systems. 

For every service type provided, at least one interview will take place with one or more provider staff (managers, program delivery persons, coordinators, and at least one SPEP scorer).

  • The goals of these interviews are to:
    • determine the most appropriate service category for the service, and
    • to gain an understanding of how the service is provided and monitored for the quality of service section of the score. 

To determine the correct service category the scorer will need to understand:

  • how the program operates on a day-to-day basis, 
  • what the structure of program delivery is, 
  • what kind of content is covered in the service, and 
  • how often it is provided. 

To best understand the quality of service the scorer and provider will review:

  • what the training protocol are for staff, 
  • how supervisors monitor the service delivery and provide feedback, 
  • what steps are taken when service delivery is off-course, and 
  • any written materials that relate to these areas. 

It is very important for both the provider and the scorer that the service category and quality of service scores are as accurate as possible. The best way to ensure this accuracy is to organize materials in advance of the interview and to have relevant staff available during the interview. In other words, prepare ahead of time. 

The SPEP developers at Vanderbilt University have put together the following resource to help providers prepare for their SPEP interview. This can be done 1-2 weeks in advance of the interview. Use this SPEP Pre-Visit Checklist to ensure you have the most effective, informed SPEP interview possible.

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