Juvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES)

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) is “to enhance the capacity of Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system to achieve its balanced and restorative justice mission by employing evidence-based practices with fidelity at every stage of the juvenile justice process; collecting and analyzing the data necessary to measure the results of these efforts; and, with this knowledge, striving to continuously improve the quality of our decisions, services, and programs.”

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Stages of JJSES

Stage One:
Stage Two:
Stage Three:
Behavioral Change
Stage Four: Refinement
  • Intro to EBP Training
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Cost-benefit Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement


  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Structured Decision Making
  • MAYSI-2 Screen
  • YLS Risk/Needs Assessment
  • Inter-rater Reliability
  • Case Plan Development


  • Skill Building and Tools
  • Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
  • Responsivity
  • Evidence-based Programming and Interventions
  • Service Provider Alignment
    • Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol
  • Graduated Responses 
  • Policy Alignment  
  • Performance Measures  
  • EBP Service Contracts 


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