What types of outcomes may be expected with Project Towards No Drug Abuse® (Project TND)?

In randomized control trials the program has been shown to reduce substance use and weapon-carrying in males at one year follow up.  Detailed results shown on the developer’s website include the following:

  • 27% prevalence reduction* in 30-day cigarette use
  • 22% prevalence reduction in 30-day marijuana use
  • 26% prevalence reduction in 30-day hard drug use
  • 9% prevalence reduction in 30-day alcohol use among baseline drinkers
  • 25% prevalence reduction in one-year weapon-carrying among males

*NOTE: Prevalence reduction refers to non-engagement in the identified behavior within the time period specified (i.e., 30 days or one year prior to the survey) among students who received the program, compared to the control group (which did not receive the program).

Summary of research findings: 


More information about Project TND:

Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development https://www.blueprintsprograms.org/programs/34999999/project-towards-no-drug-abuse/

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