What are some common barriers that I might encounter when implementing Familias Fuertes?

For most sites, the biggest challenge is recruiting families to participate.  Programs will not be successful if adequate preparation for active and ongoing family recruitment does not occur.  Selecting facilitators with strong communication and relationship skills is important.  Strong Spanish-speaking skills should also be desired by all facilitators.  It is common for facilitators to struggle in the beginning of implementation with time management and behavior management.

  • Securing/preparing supplies and incentives can be time intensive.  Identify individuals who are organized and willing to approach potential donors and volunteers with these responsibilities.
  • Familias Fuertes demands a large facility (rooms for a family meal, the parent/caregiver session, the youth session, the family session, and childcare), as well as a storage area for the program and facilitation supplies.
  • Data collection and survey administration can be daunting and pose challenges.  While the EPISCenter has developed tools to summarize the data, the site will need to identify/hire a skilled staff person or an evaluator to aid in reporting and communicating outcomes.  The data collection/reporting should never be considered an afterthought, but should be viewed as an important part of effective program implementation.
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