How do I schedule training for Familias Fuertes?

  • EPIS has established a collaboration with the consultants of Familias Fuertes/SFP 10-14, to oversee and coordinate the facilitator training for this program.  The facilitator training for Familias Fuertes will look different for each site/agency, depending on whether that particular site/agency already has a cadre of SFP 10-14 facilitators.  Training may take place over the course of 1-4 days, depending on need.  Each training day typically begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.  Training is offered at the site of your choosing, with lunch, snacks, and beverages being provided by the site hosting the training.  Additional equipment/materials will also be needed for the facilitator training. 
  • It is highly recommended that you have as many staff as possible trained in Familias Fuertes, to address any anticipated future staff turnover and sustainability.  The program coordinator and fidelity observers should also plan on attending.    
  • Currently, costs for Familias Fuertes facilitator training are estimated at $5,400 plus $1,700 per trainer for travel expenses.  The Spanish Master Trainer for Familias Fuertes is bi-lingual.  Additional trainer(s) may be needed depending on the site/agency need, coming from Iowa, Pennsylvania, or a combination of both.
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